Leading From The Edge of the Box®: It All Begins with You, is an alternative way to lead. The premise of the book is the concept that leadership begins with individuals - regardless of status, job title and position. The Edge of The Box® model offers an inside out approach to leading the "self". The emphasis on the "self" component encourages the reader to take an honest and realistic look at who they are and how they choose to live their live. The attention to the wellbeing of the "self" ultimately impacts the effectiveness of teams and organizations.

GLOW Reviews:

“It's a pleasure to write a review for Ms. Yeoh's excellent, "feel-better" book. What can I say? It's beautifully written, to the point, and chock full of surprising and original advice for women (and men) to take care of themselves, be happy in their own skin, and feel like they are moving to someplace personally new or simply tweaking where they currently are. It is a book you can pick up if you're down and find your favorite section or sections you need to pick yourself back up again. Essentially, it lets you know wherever you are on your journey, you can be happy where you are and/or create a plan to take yourself where you want to go. Even better, it is a book that gets straight to the point. You can read the whole book in an afternoon, but it contains more jewels than hundreds of books which are four times as long. I highly recommend it.” - Amazon Customer

“I loved every page of this book and was sorry when I finished it! Dr. Sepi shares warmth and insight into lessons she's learned in her life that will help every one of us in our constantly changing worlds. Gentle and practical, forged by transitions in her life that few of us can imagine, Dr. Sepi's message will make an immediate and soothing impact on anyone who reads this.” - Jill L.

“When you’re in a transition and needing help but not sure where to go or whom to turn to - then read this book. It is comforting, written from the heart with warmth and humility. Dr. Sepi manages to share much wisdom in this little gem of a book. She shares some moving and inspiring stories from her life and from her experiences working as a life coach. Without being wordy or preachy, this book cuts to the heart of why we find transitions so challenging, and how with the right frame of mind, we can guide ourselves gently through them with patience, love, and even, humor!” – Amazon Customer

“The author takes a simple yet substantive approach, especially in her understanding of how men and women deal differently with life transitions. Thus, her approach speaks to both men and women readers. In an accessible style, she offers clear guidance and valuable tips for moving through life transitions.” - Richard Riemer, Ph.D.

A Handbook for Simple Living is a practical and inspiring text designed to guide readers through a wide variety of stimulating and challenging self-discovery practices. Its accessible and refreshing style makes it an excellent text for both the college classroom and lay readers alike. Its original SIMPLE Goals approach to personal self-transformation bridges the traditional "gap" between its authors' combined experiences in the fields of student and academic affairs. Apart from its remarkable range of personal development tools and strategies, it includes a CD of guided meditations and access to the "Inspired e-community" through which its readers may network with like-minded seekers on the path of self-transformation. Highly recommended!