One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from my husband and business partner is to maintain calm regardless of the nature of a challenging situation.  Let’s face it, our world is full of surprises and things don’t always go according to plan. Having gone through a move (both home and office) these past few weeks, things didn’t do according to plan; being an optimist, I like to think that they went better. Each day and sometimes several times a day, I took long breaths and reminded myself to “be like water”. You see, water is an incredibly flexible substance; under pressure, it boils, in extreme temperatures it freezes, it even evaporates; but it always returns to its original liquid property. It’s clear and calming and extremely essential for all creatures.

So, as I was beginning to stress about things not going according to plan, I took a minute to pause, reflect and put things in perspective. I asked myself if what I was stressing about was in my control? Did it matter in the big picture? Will I care about it next week, month or year? While I realize that there are so many things that are outside of my control, the one consistent thing I can always control, is my attitude and response.  May you always find the calming water within you.