Dr. Peggy WozniakDr. Peggy Wozniak is currently an instructor in the Educational Leadership Program at Keene State College in New Hampshire and a leadership consultant and coach.  Peggy has extensive experience in education and leadership as a teacher, principal, and superintendent on both the East and West Coasts.   In addition to her work in public schools she has been a trainer for the California School Boards Association in their Masters in Governance Program, and worked with the New York State Education Department on the development of school-based leaders.

Dr. Wozniak’s passion is the development and support of successful leaders for schools and organizations.  Peggy’s extensive experience has given her the perspective that leadership is all about relationships and believing in oneself.  Great leaders are those who know who they are, are confident in their own abilities, and develop meaningful and beneficial relationships with others.

Peggy believes that anyone can be a leader.  It is not about title or position in an organization.  Through her teaching and coaching she guides others to discover their leadership potential by looking within and finding strengths and building confidence in their abilities.  Peggy understands the importance of self-care for leaders to sustain energy and stamina.  Her training and consulting work includes a focus on the importance of developing a personal plan for self-care as a regular practice.

Dr. Wozniak earned her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of LaVerne in California, her MS in Education from the State University College of New York at Buffalo, and her BA in Education from Alfred University in New York.

Peggy is an avid runner and considers her running to be one of her most important forms of self-care.  She also practices meditation and enjoys spending time with her husband, her rescue dog, Shirley, and friends.