How Does “Love” Relate to Valentine’s Day?

Hello Ladies. I hope you have all began the day on a lovely note. Today’s topic is love and how it relates to Valentine’s ...

Making Peace with Change

Have you ever wondered how some people move through life’s transitions with flying colors while others struggle to move forward? Transitions are accompanied with change ...

Be Like Water

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from my husband and business partner is to maintain calm regardless of the nature of a challenging ...

“Just Get Over It” – It is Not That Simple

So many times, in my coaching career and in my conversations with my friends I have heard phrases like: “Why can’t she/he just get over it” “He/she should be ...

What Can We Learn From Our Technological Tools?

I was printing a report and when I didn’t hear the printer’s sound of printing, I took a quick look and saw a little ...

Power of the Village

Humans were not created to live alone. If you look at earliest societies, they lived in tribes and communities. Within the tribe, ...

Getting older sucks, doesn’t it?

Getting older sucks, it really does but not for the obvious reasons. While grey hair, lines and wrinkles, changes in our skin, hair, memory, ...

Finding My Fit at Canisius

Finding one’s fit in society is so critical to success and overall health. When I think of where I am today, I know it ...

Who Raises Men?

Over the past decades, we have done a great job in raising young girls with positive messages about women empowerment. While that is great and we need ...

Trip To The Wine Country

After living in SoCal for about 12 years, my husband and I decided to take a trip to the Wine Country and spend a couple of nights at a Bed and Breakfast ...


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Lenovo Issues Important Update

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