I was printing a report and when I didn’t hear the printer’s sound of printing, I took a quick look and saw a little blinking light. Assuming it needed paper, I opened the tray and saw that it had paper, so I called my tech guru and my husband who is my lifeline who simply asked:

“Have you checked the error message to see what the printer needs?”


I walked over and peeked at the little display window and it said to turn the printer off and on again.

“Clever,” I said to my husband, “this smart machine is tired and is asking to be turned off and on again”  As I said that I realize something.

What if we (humans) had a display window reminding us and those around us that it’s time for a break or that we need to turn off and recharge? What if our internal battery displayed charge level with red showing as the level was getting too low? Wouldn’t that be cool?

I like to suggest that we install our own internal display and check/scan for how we are doing. Her is how that would look:

  • Morning: assuming you had a good and restful night = energy level=100%
  • Short meditation/yoga, setting our intention and shower and a good nutritious breakfast = energy level = still at a full 100% Mid-morning scan – energy level =80% (recharge: healthy snack, water, a quick walk around the office)
  • Lunchtime scan – energy level = 55% (recharge: healthy/light lunch followed by a quick walk outside to get fresh air or walk around the office, taking the stairs if you have them, read an inspiring quote, take a few nice and slow breaths)
  • After a long meeting midafternoon meeting – energy level =50% (recharge: quick snack fruit/nuts/vegetables)

You get the point 🙂 If we pay attention to our internal display and fuel and recharge our battery when it starts going down, we will be able to maintain a healthy daily number.

How will you recharge your battery?